On this page, you will learn what we are doing and any resources you will need to help your child be more successful in the classroom.  Working together we can make a difference!

ELA (English Language Arts) Block

During our ELA block, students will learn the fundamentals of reading and writing.  We will go over strategies and skills for beginning reading and writing.  This will include ways to read a book, strategies to solve unknown words, how to hear and record sounds in words and writing.

Students will also be exposed to various kindergarten sight words.  We encourage you to practice reading and writing these words.  

There will be a "Family Letter" sent home at the beginning of each ELA module.  This letter will give a brief overview of what we will be learning and ways for your to help your child at home.  



In math, students will cover a variety of topics in our Engage New York curriculum. We will complete daily lessons and worksheets in class.  Throughout the year we will also work on counting to 100 by 1's and 10's as well as writing to 100 by 1's. Students will be expected to identify numbers 0-20.  At the end of kindergarten, they will have learned a variety of ways to solve math problems, including addition and subtraction.  We will also be adding in short mini-units on colors, shapes, data and measurement.  These mini-units are to help expose students to these topics and help prepare them for first grade as well as equip them with necessary life skills.  

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